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SRF みんなで鑑賞会

今年も Seoul Rhinoplasty Forum 2021 が開催されます.



ひとりで モニター見るのって やっぱり淋しい・・

それなら いっそのこと みんなでモニターを見ればいいじゃんってことで,鑑賞会を催します.
ワイガヤで あーだこーだと言いながら,お茶しながら,質問しつつ・・



日時  8月22日(日)9:30〜17:30
場所  造形医学研究所
参加費 ¥1,000
定員 13名



で,みんなで うな重と肝吸い取って 食べながらの鑑賞.

これ 自分もやってて いいですよ

鰻食って,コーヒー飲みながら甘物つまみ ちょこちょこ話しながら
なに,この ゆる〜くて 自由で 充実した感じ


よしよし...これから ネタの仕込みにはいるで・・












Time Program Speaker
9:25-9:30 Welcome remark
9:30-10:15 Session 1. (Rhinoflix video theater I) Basic rhinoplasty procedures Moderator: Kim Kook Hyun
1. Opening procedure : Incision, dissection and flap elevation Lee Da Woon
2. Effective tip suture techniques Seo Hyung Joon
3. Tip plasty using septal cartilage Lee Min Cheol
4. Tip plasty using ear cartilage Shim Jin Hee
5. Hump & Osteotomy Kim Jae In
6. Dorsal augmentation : Implant fabrication Ham Ki Weon
10:40-11:25 Session 2. Advanced technique in rhinoplasty Moderator:Kang Eun Taek
1. Deviation correction with osteotomy Nam Goong Sik
2. Step by Step correction of septal deviation and the importance of spreader grafts Kim Han Jo
3. Correction of nostril show Kim Hyun Soo
4. Evaluation of Absorbable Plates as Internal Splint for Treatment of Nasal Septal Cartilage Fractures Nam Seung Min
5. Secondary cleft lip rhinoplasty Kim Baek Gyu
11:50-12:30 Session 3. (Lucheon Rhinoflix video theater II) Harvesting grafts for rhinoplasty Moderator: Kim Han Jo
1. Ear cartilage Hwang Jin
2. Septal cartilage jeong Woon Hyeok
3. Rib cartilage Kim Dong Seok
4. Dermofat Ko Hyo Sun
5. Deep temporal fascia Kim Jong Ho
6. Superficial mastoid fascia You Hi Jin
13:00-13:45 Session 4. My tips and tricks in rhinoplasty : What’s new in rhinoplasty? Moderator: Choi jong Woo
1. Nasal and perinasal 3D implant Baek Jung Hwan
2. Perinasal and chin augmentation using Dermofat Kim Heung Kyu
3. Experimental and Long term clinical results of ADM implant Baek Woo Yeol
4. Dorsal augmentation using autologous graft Kang Eun Taek
5. Rhinoplasty using IHCC Lee Jung Hun
6. Absorbable PCL mesh used for Septal cartilage L-strut reinforcement Jeong Jin Wook
14:10-14:55 Session 5. Complication management related with grafts and materials Moderator: Suh Man Koon
1. In vivo comparison of the effect of implant surface on capsule formation Kim Young Seok
2. Silicone implant Park Sung Wan
3. Medpore Kim Kook Hyun
4. PCL mesh Kim Taek Kyun
5. Thread Kim Min Chul
6. Foreign body material injection Chu Lo Shui
15:20-16:10 Session 6. Update and clinical importance of nasal anatomic structures Moderator:Kim Young Seok / Jeong Jae Yong
1. Anatomy of the osseocartilaginous vault Peter Palhazi(Hungary)
2. Nasal anatomy : Ligaments and Spaces of the Nose. Practical Aspects Yves Saban(France)
16:30-17:20 Session 7. Cases from the Masters : Disaster relief Moderator: Chu Lo Shui / Park Sung Wan
1. Contracted nose Ye Choon Ho / Suh Man Koon
2. Structural weakness and functional derangement Kim Jae Hoon / Dhong Eun Sang
3. Skin and soft tissue defect Jeong Jae Yongm / Choi jong Woo
17:40 Closing remark


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